The power of engaged people!

If you read the headline and see the picture you most likely think about an engaged couple and not about engaged staff – yes, this comparison I have chosen for a purpose, not to confuse you, to inspire you!

Relate to what engagement means for a couple, this is a lot of hope for a bright future, a high activity level, curiosity, etc. Now think about engaged staff at your workplace, doesn’t it pretty much mean the same?

I heard today from Mårten Westberg, President of the European Institute of Behavioral Analysis that his research has documented that companies with a high people engagement (according to typical HR measurements) on average outperform similar companies with a 2,5 times higher growth of their shares within the next 2 years. Isn’t this amazing? And on the other hand quite logical,

I assume all our own empirical experience also proves it, just we don’t have figures on it. I remember when I started my professional career our department with a lot of positive attitude and engagement outperformed the other department where they did their nine-to-five job. And then when I joined the in total much more engaged Ericsson, they/we outperformed not only Siemens, we soon became No. 1 in telecom. But I have also seen the time after the telecom crisis where the shares fell like stones into deep sea. And after the turning point and a lot of hard working loyal employees it started to climb again ….

So the conclusion is, please have always an eye on your employees’ engagement and if you succeed with this you have much better chances to perform. Or when we come to my discipline: a much greater chance to succeed with chance.

Have a good remaining week!