Use available resources as good as you can!

Some weeks ago I didn’t get an assignment that would have helped the client to save money. The reason was that the client found me “overqualified” for significant parts of the task. I can agree that you do not need all my experiences and are capable do perform this job, but now I read today that they are still looking for the “optimal” resource for it.

In another assignment I saw how administrative staff was forced to work quite inefficient since they had to copy/paste data between different systems to be able to do their job. I proposed that they should look into either integrating the two systems or RPA (robotics process automation), which they appreciated as good proposal but so far nothing has changed.

I spoke to some architects about a tool that is collaborative and can not be cheated and told them that their colleagues using it can handle up to 50% more sites per architect and year than before they used it. They just told me that they would never change their way of working because you cannot trust anyone in this sector.

I could go on with more examples but my point I want to highlight is that in an ever faster changing world it becomes more and more important to see which resources you have available and how you can use them most efficient. And resources includes yourself as well! Sometimes this can be hard to accept, but to stay successful it is needed!

Have a great week with optimal usage of your resources