The power of story telling!

Last week we were invited to speak at an inspirational lunch about Change Management. We were 4 of us and I knew that at least one will have a lot of great and animated slides, so I thought to keep the audience awake (or alive) I need to do something different. So I actually used 2 slides, one you see on the picture above which was the introduction. The second one I built up like working on a flipchart, by telling stories from my real projects and then refering to the change management behind it, I added words and ended with the slide below.

Amazing that I got spontaneous feedback of some for me unknown listeners that they liked my presentation a lot. This morning I read a LinkedIn post written as a fairy tale about a shelf in a kitchen that was cut until it did not function anymore – this as an explanation why cost cutting is efficient to some extent and can destroy everything if it goes too far. I liked it a lot, and I think for the same reason as I got compliments for my lecture: We simply like story telling, we prefer to listen to a real story or a fairy tell than to most advanced scientific results, process explanations, etc. Think about this whenever you present or teach, it will make you so much powerful.

Have a great week!