How to tell the unknown audience about their unknown needs? Part 2: When referrals are not enough!

Denna bild har ett alt-attribut som är tomt. Dess filnamn är PLEA.png

Did you really think I have the answer? If I had, I probably wouldn’t write a blog post, I most likely would spend all my time to reach out to them.
But I got impressed and inspired by Webquestworld, a Digital Marketing Agency from Abuja, Nigeria – I have inserted their logo above. They claim the following:
“Let’s help unleash your business to the world. We break the boundaries to reach the unknown! Our process? A P-L-E-A.”

P like PREPARE a communication/ marketing platform putting the business needs in focus.
L like LAUNCH the communication/ marketing platform.
E like EVALUATE to check the performance of the communication/ marketing platform.
A like ADVANCE by repeating what works, modifying and improving the rest.

I guess they are right, it is as simple as that – why shall we make it more complicated than necessary? And until someone has the exceptional great idea to solve this we better try with a P-L-E-A than just wait.

Have a successful week, yours