Carve-Out Separation

A carve-out of a business is a major change, a major change needs professional change management, professional change management needs good change leaders and a good process/methodology.

When we take on separation design assignments we follow a well proven process based on global expertise and on own experiences.

We can also advise you on developing or improving your existing carve out separation methodology and processes. If needed and wanted we can develop them together with you, either as a specific assignment and its delivery or together with a concrete project while we take the separation lead role. Or we can help you just a specific part on this path, like e.g. to develop the “Day 1” Operation Model for your divestment.

Also available on request is training of your team in methodology and process or presentations of lessons learned.

We strongly believe that methodology is one of the 3 pillars in successful carve-outs:

  • Realistic scope for the carve-out
  • Excellent leadership
  • Proven methodology