Integration Design

If you are a frequent buyer you might already know it, if you are quite new to acquisitions you should avoid the mistakes most buyers have done many times already. From a closed deal to a successful acquisition can be a long and sometimes almost impossible way.

We help you to balance the needed speed with the needed perserverance to secure you achieve the business targets out from your deal.  Some of the factors that create this dilemma:

  • Need for Speed – some examples
    • When you plan to acquire a company or even more a business that will be carved out from a selling company you never can start your integration design too early to understand what can be expected as result of it
    • Once the deal is communicated both your employees, shareholders, customers, partners, media, etc. expect you have clear answers on the next steps
    • If you buy a “bleeding” business, time will be critical to turn it around successfully
    • Often synergies are part of the business case and those synergies will only be achieved by integration
  • Perserverance is key to success – examples
    • Only once you have gained full insight you can do the optimal plan, because only then you will know and understand everything
    • Both your existing employees and customers as well as the target’s employees and customers will need some time to accept and understand the changes
    • Customer & Business first: usually you acquire a business for the sake if the business itself, so the focus of your employees and management shall be on achieving the business targets, not on achieving the integration in a certain period of time
    • “not even Rome was built in one day” – the integration can be a quite complex project that will take time

By using us to lead your integration design you can be assured that

  • integration design is done efficient and not taking more time of your management and employees as necessary
  • the dilemma of speed and perseverance is judged by objective eyes instead of needs to be resolved by your own subjective, involved and highly affected management
  • best practices and experiences from other companies and deals are re-used